Philosophy Publishers

Acumen Publishing

Wiley Blackwell Philosophy Pages

Bloomsbury Publishing

Cambridge University Press - philosophy

Cornell University Press - Philosophy

Also includes philosophy titles from other presses distributed by Cornell.

Edinburgh University Press philosophy section

Imprint Academic

Publishes books and journals on philosophy.


The most famous French publisher of philosophy books.

MIT CogNet star

The extensive and impressive cognitive science site of MIT Press.

Octagon Press

Sufi publishing house publishing books about, er, Sufism.

Oxford University Press - philosophy

Philosophical Library

Publishers of works by Einstein, Sartre, Khalil Gibran and Max Planck, among many others.

Polity Books

Philosophy books page of the Oxford-based publisher.

Routledge Philosophy

Home of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


A journal for religious studies and philosophy.

Free Inquiry

U.S. humanist magazine with interesting philosophy articles.

Filosofie Magazine

The Dutch equivalent of Philosophy Now.


The Digest of Heady Philosophy.

The Philosopher

The Journal of the Philosophical Society of England.

niin & nain

Finland's popular philosophy magazine (the title means "this & that"). The print magazine is in Finnish, but their website has an English section.

Philosophical Psychology

A journal for things that go on in your head.

Radical Philosophy

The journal of socialist and feminist philosophy.

The Pantaneto Forum star

Web journal of science and philosophy.

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