Societies and Groups

American Philosophical Association

Australasian Association of Philosophy

British Philosophical Association

Canadian Philosophical Association

Philosophy Sharing Foundation of Malta

Brings together philosophy enthusiasts and runs philosophy courses and events in Malta.

Union of Arab Philosophers

American Association of Philosophy Teachers

NZ Association for Philosophy Teachers

Philosophy For All

London-based organisation which holds philosophy lectures in pubs, plus public debates, feminism forum, film club and philosophical walks.

Philosophy Meetup Groups

About 20 local philosophy discussion groups worldwide organise themselves through this website.

Philosophical Society of England

Conway Hall Ethical Society

A humanist society which often hosts philosophy lectures in London. Formerly called the South Place Ethical Society.

Royal Institute of Philosophy (UK)

Details of their journals, public lectures and other activities.

Forum for Philosophy

Tries to bridge the gap between the Anglo-American and European philosophical traditions.

Society for Philosophical Inquiry

Drink philosophy and talk coffee, all across the USA.

The Greater Rochester Russell Set

A friendly crowd who discuss the ideas of old Bertie and philosophy in general, in Rochester, NY.

Victorian Association for Philosophy in Schools

Bringing Socrates & Co. to the schoolkids of Australia.

Existentialist Society

In Melbourne, Australia. Meets every month.

Apeiron Society for the Practice of Philosophy

Philosophical society in Calgary, Alberta.

Pinner Philosophy Group

SWIP Ireland

Irish branch of the Society for Women in Philosophy


The Society for Women in Philosophy - UK group


Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy

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