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Tag: "Indian philosophy"

Meat is Murder

Peter Adamson contemplates non-violence in ancient Indian thought.
[Issue 113 :: April/May 2016 :: Philosophy Then]

Eastern Promises

Peter Adamson spots some similarities between ancient Greek and ancient Indian philosophies.
[Issue 112 :: February/March 2016 :: Philosophy Then]


Grant Bartley focuses on the forces of history through Philip Glass’s opera about Gandhi.
[Issue 101 :: March/April 2014 :: Opera]

The Cathartic Potion of Living Together

Panayiota Vassilopoulou and Jonardon Ganeri report on a convivium in Delhi.
[Issue 50 :: March/April 2005 :: Report]

The History of the World, Part 2

by Joel Marks
[Issue 48 :: October/November 2004 :: Moral Moments]

Philosophy as Teaching & Therapy in Sankara

In a talk to Philosophy For All in London, Trevor Leggett explained the ideas of Sankara, one of the greatest commentators on the Upanishads and a major figure in the history of Indian philosophy.
[Issue 23 :: Spring 1999 :: Philosophy Around the World]


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