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Tag: "Jewish philosophy"

Nima Adlerblum (1881-1974)

Brad Rappaport looks at the life of a Jewish philosopher combatting the secular forces of modernism.
[Issue 156: June/July 2023: Brief Lives]

The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture by Yoram Hazony

Brad Rappaport meditates on a humanist reading of the Hebrew Bible.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023: Books]

A Plausible God: Secular Reflections on Liberal Jewish Theology by Mitchell Silver

Joel Marks asks ‘New God or no God?’.
[Issue 62: July/August 2007: Books]

Wittgenstein and Judaism by Ranjit Chatterjee

Ralph Blumenau finds Ranjit Chatterjee sympathetic to Wittgenstein’s Jewish side.
[Issue 56: July/August 2006: Books]

History of Jewish Philosophy

Ralph Blumenau considers the long and distinguished history of Jewish Philosophy.
[Issue 51: June/July 2005: Books]

The Perplexing Nature of the Guide for the Perplexed

Mark Daniels introduces the most famous work of Moses Maimonides and asks – was he a philosopher, a heretic or a mystic?
[Issue 50: March/April 2005: Medieval Philosophy]


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