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Tag: "quantum theory"

Does Consciousness Cause Quantum Collapse?

Kelvin McQueen asks whether minds could directly influence physical reality.
[Issue 121: August/September 2017: Radical Theories of Consciousness]

Could The Universe Give A Toss?

Raymond Tallis thinks about probability and the frozen world of quantum mechanics.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013: Tallis in Wonderland]

On ‘Known-To-Be-False’ Materialist Philosophies of Mind

Graham Smetham argues that since quantum mechanics tells us that matter is dependent on the observer, the mind can’t be reduced to the brain.
[Issue 93: November/December 2012: Articles]

Help Wanted: Philosopher required to sort out Reality

Apply to Mike Alder or any school of physics.
[Issue 59: January/February 2007: Science Connections]

What’s New in Philosophy of Science?

So what’s going on in philosophy of science at the moment? Bora Dogan describes some of the current highlights.
[Issue 38: October/November 2002: The Impact of Science]

Nature Loves to Hide by Shimon Malin

Sam Nico commends Shimon Malin’s illuminating look at the philosophy in quantum physics.
[Issue 33: September/October 2001: Books]

Dan Dennett and my Quantum Proposition

Stephen Szanto on trying to combine the views of Roger Penrose and Dan Dennett on consciousness by what he calls his own modest proposition.
[Issue 32: June/July 2001: Articles]

The Many Worlds of David Deutsch

Why do some physicists now believe that there are many parallel universes very like our own? And if there are, how will this help us build faster computers?
[Issue 30: December 2000 / January 2001: Articles]

David Deutsch

David Deutsch is a distinguished quantum physicist and a member of the Centre for Quantum Computation at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University. He has received the Paul Dirac Prize and Medal from the Institute of Physics for ‘outstanding contributions to theoretical physics’. He recently talked with Filiz Peach about his work and hopes.
[Issue 30: December 2000 / January 2001: Interview]


Our new film columnist has discovered an exciting new type of movie: there’s no screen and the parts are played by live actors, in real time. Thomas Wartenberg reports on the play Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.
[Issue 28: August/September 2000: Theatre]


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