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Tag: "relativism"

Morality: The Final Delusion?

Richard Garner says it’s about time we got rid of it.
[Issue 82: January/February 2011: The Death of Morality]

Moral Fictionalism

Richard Joyce on what happens when falsehoods are too useful to throw out.
[Issue 82: January/February 2011: The Death of Morality]

Making An Effort To Understand

David Wong illustrates moral relativism with some telling examples.
[Issue 82: January/February 2011: The Death of Morality]

Dear Socrates

Having returned from the turn of the Fourth Century B.C. to the turn of the Twenty-First A.D., Socrates has eagerly signed on as a Philosophy Now columnist so that he may continue to carry out his divinely-inspired dialogic mission.
[Issue 45: March/April 2004: Dear Socrates]

Moral Relativism & Cultural Chauvinism

Members of different cultures with different values and beliefs come into frequent conflict, sometimes violent. Exploiter or entrepreneur? Murderer or martyr? “Great Satan” or “Great – Santa!” Gerald Lang asks if we can still pass judgment.
[Issue 36: June/July 2002: Articles]

The Last Word by Thomas Nagel

Antony Flew cheers an attack on relativism by Thomas Nagel.
[Issue 20: Spring 1998: Books]

Relativism – An Allegorical Elucidation

Emrys Westacott comes to the aid of a much reviled theory.
[Issue 20: Spring 1998: Articles]

A Place for Relativism, or: How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?

Richard Mason ponders the relativity of truth.
[Issue 16: Autumn 1996: Articles]


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