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Tag: "religion"

Pugnacious In The Punjab

Seán Moran considers holy war in Lahore.
[Issue 122 :: October/November 2017 :: The Street Philosopher]

Luther’s Contribution to Feuerbach’s Atheism

Van Harvey traces one of the more unexpected consequences of the Reformation.
[Issue 121 :: August/September 2017 :: Articles]

A Conversation With Simone Weil

Elisabetta Rombi talks social justice and love with the revolutionary philosopher.
[Issue 118 :: February/March 2017 :: Fiction]

Martin Buber & Leo Tolstoy: Two Examples of Spiritual Anarchism

Patrick Cannon articulates an alternative anarchism.
[Issue 116 :: October/November 2016 :: Visions of Society]

The Gods of Spinoza & Teilhard de Chardin

Derek Harrison compares radically alternative visions of the absolute.
[Issue 106 :: February/March 2015 :: Articles]

Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872)

Dale DeBakcsy tells us how Ludwig Feuerbach revolutionized philosophy and got absolutely no credit for it.
[Issue 103 :: July/August 2014 :: Brief Lives]

The Comet Cometh

Tim Madigan hears Pierre Bayle’s 17th century plea for religious toleration.
[Issue 103 :: July/August 2014 :: Food for Thought]

Is Judging Islamic Culture Possible?

Terri Murray argues that ijtihad and critical debate are essential in a liberal, multicultural society.
[Issue 102 :: May/June 2014 :: Ethics in Society]


Barbara Smoker probes why there is something rather than nothing.
[Issue 102 :: May/June 2014 :: Articles]

Paolo Sarpi (1552-1623)

Gerald Curzon reviews the life and opinions of the original New Atheist.
[Issue 101 :: March/April 2014 :: Brief Lives]

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