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Tag: "transhumanism"

Onwards & Upwards?

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012 :: Editorial]

Moral Enhancement

Julian Savulescu and Ingmar Persson argue that artificial moral enhancement is now essential if humanity is to avoid catastrophe.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012 :: Human Enhancement]

Enhancing Human Lifespan

Bennett Foddy proposes a strategy for extending our youthfulness.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012 :: Human Enhancement]

A Moderate Approach To Enhancement

Michael Selgelid offers a cautionary perspective on genetic enhancement.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012 :: Human Enhancement]

Love and Other Drugs

Brian D. Earp explains how chemical enhancement could save your marriage.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012 :: Human Enhancement]

Beyond The Blueprint

Russell Powell says it’s not easy using genes to enhance humanity, even in theory.
[Issue 91 :: July/August 2012 :: Human Enhancement]

Operation Rebirth: Captain America and the Ethics of Enhancement

Major Todd A. Burkhardt considers under what circumstances it would be morally right to bioengineer super-soldiers.
[Issue 64 :: November/December 2007 :: Pop Culture]

Double Bubble

Alistair Fruish deals you the straight dope.
[Issue 61 :: May/June 2007 :: Fiction]

Human Futures

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 61 :: May/June 2007 :: Editorial]

Enhancing Humanity

Ray Tallis peers into the future, without fear.
[Issue 61 :: May/June 2007 :: Human Futures]


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