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Tag: "utilitarianism"

Kant By Default (Shameless Commerce Division)

by Joel Marks
[Issue 73 :: May/June 2009 :: Moral Moments]

The Challenge of Moral Machines

Wendell Wallach tells us what the basic problems are.
[Issue 72 :: March/April 2009 :: Machine Morality]

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? The controversial Peter Singer!

Charlotte Laws cautiously chows down with the Defender of Animals.
[Issue 67 :: May/June 2008 :: Animals]

Preference Satisfaction and the Good

Michael Philips wonders what you really, really want.
[Issue 31 :: March/April 2001 :: Articles]

Eliminating the Experts

Jane Singleton reviews The Elimination of Morality: Reflections on Utilitarianism and Bioethics by Anne Maclean.
[Issue 9 :: Summer 1994 :: Books]


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