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The Impossibility of Perfection by Michael Slote

Stephen Anderson asks Michael Slote if you really must be perfect to be moral.
[Issue 95: March/April 2013: Books]

Philippa Foot (1920-2010)

Lawrence Solum on one of the greats of moral philosophy.
[Issue 81: October/November 2010: Obituary]

Politeness, Philosophy’s Neglected Companion

Raymond Boisvert extols an under-rated virtue.
[Issue 46: May/June 2004: Articles]

The Virtues of Self-Help

Philip Cafaro asks what virtues are prized today, and why, and finds inspiration in a place few philosophers look.
[Issue 45: March/April 2004: The Virtues]

What is Virtue?

by Rick Lewis
[Issue 45: March/April 2004: Editorial]


Introducing our section on the nature of virtue, Philip Vassallo describes how the ancient conception of arête arose and developed.
[Issue 45: March/April 2004: The Virtues]

You’ll Swing For This!

Adam Carter examines the most morally corrupting sport of all.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003: Philosophy and Sport]

Apologia Pro Pugilatione

Gordon Marino claims that great virtues can be learned in the ring.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003: Philosophy and Sport]

Philippa Foot

Philippa Foot has for decades been one of Oxford’s best-known and most original ethicists. Her groundbreaking papers won her worldwide recognition but at the dawn of the new century she has finally published her first full-length book. Editor Rick Lewis asked her about goodness, vice, plants and Nietzsche.
[Issue 41: May/June 2003: Interview]

Why Feminists Should Oppose Feminist Virtue Ethics

Some feminists say women should forget old-fashioned ethical rules and focus on developing positive aspects of their characters. Not so, says Sarah Conly.
[Issue 33: September/October 2001: Feminisms]

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