Columns: Philosophy Then

Philosophy for the Young, Medieval Style

Peter Adamson on battles over the trivium and quadrivium.
[Issue 129 :: December 2018 / January 2019]

A Vindication of A Vindication

Peter Adamson asks what Mary Wollstonecraft wanted.
[Issue 128 :: October/November 2018]

Can Confucians Have Friends?

Peter Adamson says the bonds of friendship are virtuous.
[Issue 126 :: June/July 2018]

Wittgenstein & The War

Peter Adamson says one good thing came out of WW1.
[Issue 124 :: February/March 2018]

When Your Favorite Philosopher is a Bigot

Peter Adamson considers possible ways forward.
[Issue 123 :: December 2017 / January 2018]

Who Speaks For Socrates?

Peter Adamson finds Socrates speaking for everyone else.
[Issue 122 :: October/November 2017]

Don’t Be So Sure

Peter Adamson on skepticism in the history of philosophy.
[Issue 121 :: August/September 2017]

The Philosopher as Historian

Peter Adamson on Russell’s History of Western Philosophy.
[Issue 120 :: June/July 2017]

The Right to Be Poor

Peter Adamson looks into the surprising derivation of the right to property ownership.
[Issue 118 :: February/March 2017]

What is Metaphysics Anyway?

Peter Adamson considers Aristotle’s original use of the term.
[Issue 117 :: December 2016 / January 2017]

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