Fiction: Dialogue

Morality Games

Steve Brewer’s players discuss a strategy for selfish ethical behaviour.
[Issue 137: April/May 2020]

Mink and Brace’s Accidental Conference On The Design Argument

Mark Piper designs an argument questioning the design argument.
[Issue 125: April/May 2018]

The Reverse Solipsist

Ray Liikanen overhears a modern-day Socratic dialogue.
[Issue 122: October/November 2017]

The Conspiracy of Theories

Stephen Brewer stealthily records a dialogue in which Freya argues that conspiracy theories are illogical, but Orin is not so sure.
[Issue 114: June/July 2016]

Socrates on Conservatism

Mordecai Roshwald imagines what the Athenian gadfly might have said.
[Issue 101: March/April 2014]


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