Kant Get No Satisfaction

Stuart Hanscomb reviews Philosophy at 331/3rpm by James F. Harris
[Issue 11 :: Winter 1994/95]

Becoming Bamboozled

Chris Arthur reviews Robert E. Carter’s Becoming Bamboo: Western and Eastern Explorations of the Meaning of Life.
[Issue 11 :: Winter 1994/95]

A Philosophy for Hitler

Roger Caldwell reviews Heidegger’s Crisis – Philosophy and Politics in Nazi Germany by Hans Sluga.
[Issue 10 :: Autumn 1994]

Forms of Desire

Dahlian Kirby reviews Forms of Desire, edited by Edward Stein.
[Issue 10 :: Autumn 1994]

Criminal Law and Decency

Dick Hamilton reviews two books on justice and decency.
[Issue 10 :: Autumn 1994]

God in Us

John Mann reviews God in Us by Anthony Freeman.
[Issue 10 :: Autumn 1994]

The Mystery of Time

Keith Seddon reviews The Philosophy of Time, edited by Robin Le Poidevin and Murray MacBeath.
[Issue 9 :: Summer 1994]

Will I Know Me In Heaven?

Les Reid reviews Immortality, an anthology edited and introduced by Paul Edwards.
[Issue 9 :: Summer 1994]

Eliminating the Experts

Jane Singleton reviews The Elimination of Morality: Reflections on Utilitarianism and Bioethics by Anne Maclean.
[Issue 9 :: Summer 1994]

God for Beginners

Anthony Thorpe reviews An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Brian Davies.
[Issue 8 :: Winter 1993/94]

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