Themed Articles

The Causes of Peace

Dan Corjescu looks briefly but hopefully at possible causes of peace.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

‘The Lottery’ & Locke’s Politics

John P. Irish considers social contract theory through an infamous lottery.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

A Map of Political Ideas

Phil Badger draws the boundaries of political thought and explores the territories.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

Cultural Colonialism & Aesthetic Injustice

Gustavo Dalaqua on decolonizing minds.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

Revolt & Complacency

Stefan Catana on three revolutionary thinkers and their ideas for creating progress in politics.
[Issue 149 :: April/May 2022]

Iris Murdoch & The Mystery of Love

Stephen Leach looks with Murdoch at the three graces of love, art, and morality.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

The Philosophy of Romantic Love

Peter Keeble says philosophy, like love, is a many-splendoured thing.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

Spinoza & the Troubles of the Heart

Dan Taylor shows that even great philosophers can have their hearts broken.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

The Unlovable Parts of a Loving Society

Matei Tanasă asks if we should love the unlovable.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

Living & Coexisting by Courage, Generosity & Wisdom

Finn Janning says empathy and compassion are necessary for our thriving and even our survival.
[Issue 148 :: February/March 2022]

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