Themed Articles: Existentialism

On Being An Existentialist

Stuart Greenstreet chooses to tell us how to become authentically existentialist.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

Authenticity & Treatment For Depression

Alisa Anokhina on how the quest for authenticity can help in treating depression.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

Is Kierkegaard Still Relevant Today?

Lucian Lupescu says the disputatious Dane dares us to live.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

Simone’s Existentialist Ethics

Anja Steinbauer on Simone de Beauvoir’s Ethics of Ambiguity.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

Existentialism as Punk Philosophy

Stuart Hanscomb argues that existentialism is punk philosophy par excellence.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

The Absurd Heroics of Monsieur Meursault

Alex Holzman asks what a hero is, and if Camus’ infamous character qualifies.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

Why Camus Was Not An Existentialist

Greg Stone presents the evidence.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]

“all the consequences of this”

Kile Jones argues that atheistic existentialism is more compelling than religious existentialism.
[Issue 115: August/September 2016]


An introduction to our existential special issue by Anja Steinbauer.
[Issue 32: June/July 2001]

Rodents to Freedom

Matthew Coniam says that Groundhog Day explains existentialism more entertainingly than Sartre.
[Issue 32: June/July 2001]

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