Themed Articles: Human Rights

Is There A Human Right To Internet Access?

Jesse Tomalty considers what human rights are and how they’re justified.
[Issue 118: February/March 2017]

Hens, Ducks, & Human Rights In China

Vittorio Bufacchi & Xiao Ouyang discuss some philosophical & linguistic difficulties.
[Issue 118: February/March 2017]

The Absolute In-Practice Human Right Against Torture

Ian Fishback argues that torture should never be allowed in practice.
[Issue 118: February/March 2017]

What Are Human Rights?

Tim Dare considers how far human rights claims can stretch.
[Issue 118: February/March 2017]

I Hate You, My Lovely France!

Hamid Andishan tells us how Sartre, a philosopher of freedom, had problems with the politics of the land of liberté, and how this affected his view of human rights.
[Issue 118: February/March 2017]

Richard Rorty On Rights

Patrícia Fernandes looks at Rorty’s idea for promoting human rights.
[Issue 118: February/March 2017]


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