Themed Articles: Humour

The Secret of Seinfeld’s Humor

Jorge J.E. Gracia on the Significance of the Insignificant.
[Issue 25: Winter 1999/2000]

The Inevitable Philosophy Lightbulb Jokes

[Issue 25: Winter 1999/2000]

Philosophy and Humor

An introduction by Tim Madigan.
[Issue 25: Winter 1999/2000]

The Philosopher as Joker

Peter Rickman on the unsettling similarities between jokes and philosophy.
[Issue 25: Winter 1999/2000]

A Philosophy Department Commencement Address (Being an Allegory of Self-Discovery and Enlightenment)

Randall Curren finds that talking about humor is no laughing matter. Especially on national television.
[Issue 25: Winter 1999/2000]

Abbott and Costello meet Wittgenstein

Tim Madigan on some philosophical comedians.
[Issue 25: Winter 1999/2000]


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