Themed Articles: Machine Morality

The Challenge of Moral Machines

Wendell Wallach tells us what the basic problems are.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009]

Will Robots Need Their Own Ethics?

Steve Torrance asks if robots need minds to be moral producers or moral consumers.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009]

Four Kinds of Ethical Robots

James H. Moor defines different ways in which machines could be moral.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009]

Machines and Moral Reasoning

Thomas M. Powers on how a computer might process Kant’s moral imperative.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009]

How Machines Can Advance Ethics

Susan Leigh Anderson and Michael Anderson relate how their attempts to build ethical machines have advanced their understanding of ethics.
[Issue 72: March/April 2009]


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