Themed Articles: Modern Moral Problems

Recognition & Protest

Andrew Hyams recognises what fuels protest movements.
[Issue 144: June/July 2021]

The Ethics of Fat Shaming

Charlotte Curran tells us precisely why fat shaming is unethical.
[Issue 144: June/July 2021]

A Stoic Approach to Racism

Frank Thermitus says prepare for the worst to achieve the best.
[Issue 144: June/July 2021]

Is Election Meddling an Act of War?

Elad Uzan argues that although it may well be, this doesn’t necessarily justify a warlike response.
[Issue 144: June/July 2021]

Nonhuman Persons

Gerard Elfstrom asks what such creatures, if they exist, would be like and how much it matters morally.
[Issue 144: June/July 2021]

Abortion & Artificial Wombs

Ji Young Lee and Andrea Bidoli discuss how artificial womb technology will shape the abortion rights discussion.
[Issue 144: June/July 2021]


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