Themed Articles: Nietzsche Reloaded

Nietzsche, Our Contemporary

Eric Walther introduces the infamous iconoclast.
[Issue 93: November/December 2012]

Nietzsche’s Therapy

David Frost considers Nietzsche’s diet and lifestyle tips.
[Issue 93: November/December 2012]

Nietzsche’s Übermensch: A Hero of Our Time?

Eva Cybulska dispells popular misconceptions about this controversial figure.
[Issue 93: November/December 2012]

Nietzsche’s Dance With Zarathustra

In 1885 Nietzsche finished writing Thus Spoke Zarathustra, in which he has the prophet proclaim many Nietzschean ideas in parables and epiphets. Constantine Sandis asks why Nietzsche particularly chose Zarathustra.
[Issue 93: November/December 2012]

The Challenge of Eternal Recurrence

Kathleen O’Dwyer considers Nietzsche’s method of self-assessment.
[Issue 93: November/December 2012]


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