Themed Articles: Philosophy & Literature

Plato versus Literature

Daniel Toré asks, can literature save us?
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

What Makes A Book Great?

Colin Stott critiques the critical thinking of Matthew Arnold and F.R. Leavis.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

Milan Kundera’s Philosophy of the Novel

Mike Sutton reflects on the existential code of the novel.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

Don Quixote & Narrative Identity

Inês Pereira Rodrigues asks, are we always (or ever) who we say we are?
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]

Shakespeare: Folly, Humanism & Critical Theory

Sam Gilchrist Hall surveys folly and wisdom in Shakespeare’s world and beyond.
[Issue 161: April/May 2024]


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