Themed Articles: Society & Reason

One Logic, Or Many?

Owen Griffiths and A.C. Paseau try to count them.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

Humans, the Believing Animals

Aristotle says humans are rational animals but Kevin Currie-Knight argues that our capacity for belief is even more fundamental.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

World Wide Web or Library of Babel?

Marco Nuzzaco wants us to see the net as something more than a library.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

Postmodern Flames In Brazil

Marcos A. Raposo asks if postmodernism can survive science, and vice versa.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

6 Signs You’ve Taken The Blue Pill

Lewis Vaughn tells you how you can know whether you’re a conspiracy theorist.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]

Bricolage: Natural Epistemology

D.E. Tarkington picks up ways of gaining truth, with inspiration from Deleuze, Guattari, and other continentals.
[Issue 154: February/March 2023]


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