Themed Articles: Socrates, Plato and Modern Life

Rediscovering Plato’s Vision

Mark Vernon sees Plato in an old light.
[Issue 122: October/November 2017]

Socrates, Memory & The Internet

Matt Bluemink uses a Socratic argument to assess the influence of the net on our brains and our minds.
[Issue 122: October/November 2017]

Embracing Imperfection: Plato vs Nussbaum On Love

Lillian Wilde contemplates what love means.
[Issue 122: October/November 2017]

Socrates & Pre-Truth Politics

Spencer Klavan proclaims Socrates’ revolutionary answer to Nietzsche and Trump.
[Issue 122: October/November 2017]

Would Plato Allow Facebook In His Republic?

Jenni Jenkins argues, probably not.
[Issue 122: October/November 2017]


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