Themed Articles: The New Atheism

The Varieties of Atheist Experience

Paul Cliteur asks: if an atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in God, which God don’t they believe in?
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

Is God Coming or Going?

David Ramsay Steele surveys American Belief to explain New Atheism’s popularity.
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

What’s New About The New Atheism?

Victor Stenger answers the question.
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

The Not So New Atheists?

Jon Wainwright considers the resonance of a Victorian ‘ethics of belief’ debate.
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

Where’s The Evidence?

Michael Antony argues that the New Atheists miss the mark.
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

Two Priests Respond (I)

Rev. Dr. John R. Mabry opposes the New Atheist caricature of religion.
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

Two Priests Respond (II)

A force for good? Fr. Thomas Crean says it depends whether a religion is true or not.
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

Is Religion Bad For Society?

by Rev. Bob Eckhard
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

Good Religion, and the Good It Can Do

by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

New Atheists and Old Atheists

by Fr. Andrew Pinsent
[Issue 78: April/May 2010]

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