Themed Articles: The Self

A Philosophical Identity Crisis

Chris Durante asks himself just what makes him the person he used to be.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013]

The Illusion of the Self

Sam Woolfe says that we’re deluding our selves.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013]

Is The Buddhist ‘No-Self’ Doctrine Compatible With Pursuing Nirvana?

Katie Javanaud asks whether there is a contradiction at the heart of Buddhism.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013]

How Old is the Self?

Frank S. Robinson takes issue with Julian Jaynes’ argument about the self.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013]

Focusing On The Brain, Ignoring the Body

Alessandro Colarossi says that Artificial Intelligence is in danger of a dead end.
[Issue 97: July/August 2013]


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