Themed Articles: Visions of Society

Aristotle’s Philosophy of Equality, Peace, & Democracy

Matt Qvortrup argues that Aristotle’s political philosophy is surprisingly modern.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016]

Aesthetic Democracy

Mihail Evans studies art to understand politics.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016]

The Social Contract: A License to Steal

Stephen Faison cross-examines the idea of a social contract.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016]

Martin Buber & Leo Tolstoy: Two Examples of Spiritual Anarchism

Patrick Cannon articulates an alternative anarchism.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016]

Informed Voting

Lorenzo Capitani is in favour of government through knowledge not ignorance.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016]

Is An Ageing Population Our Natural Fate?

Nguyen Ba Thanh wonders if death by old age is civilisation’s destiny.
[Issue 116: October/November 2016]


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