Themed Articles: War & Peace

Are Human Beings Naturally Violent And Warlike?

David P. Barash says, not necessarily.
[Issue 105: November/December 2014]

Pacifism Is Not Passivism

Duane Cady tells us why pacifism isn’t sitting back and letting the masters of war have their way.
[Issue 105: November/December 2014]

Interpersonal Peace & Refusing Abuse

Jessica Park shares some personal lessons in peace.
[Issue 105: November/December 2014]

Peace, Love, & Happiness

Andrew Fiala asks if it’s possible to have all three at once.
[Issue 105: November/December 2014]

The “Ugliest of Things”?

Anja Steinbauer considers some criticisms of pacifists and pacifism.
[Issue 105: November/December 2014]


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