Themed Articles: Zombies & Philosophy

The Zombie Threat to a Science of Mind

Philip Goff discusses a thought-experiment about consciousness.
[Issue 96: May/June 2013]

What’s So Bad About Being A Zombie?

Dien Ho asks if you’d be better off undead.
[Issue 96: May/June 2013]

The Undead Gourmet

Brendan Riley asks: is it okay to kill a zombie just because it wants to eat you?
[Issue 96: May/June 2013]

Eating Your Brain: 21st-Century Zombies

Rebecca Housel on terrorism, evil and Hannah Arendt.
[Issue 96: May/June 2013]

When A Body Meets A Body

Tim Madigan discovers that Jeremy Bentham has risen from the grave!
[Issue 96: May/June 2013]


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