Issue 10

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Issue 10: Autumn 1994


The Spirit of the Age

by Rick Lewis


News: Autumn 1994


A Gentle Introduction to Structuralism, Postmodernism And All That

John Mann explains what the Continentals are up to these days.

Big Ears, Meat and Morals

by Liz Mabbott

Foundations of Analytical Philosophy, Part 3: Descriptivism, Naturalism and Pragmatism

In the last part of this series, Dan Hutto describes the options open to analytical philosophers today.

Natural Rights

Alan Chudnow asks if there are any natural rights which can be derived from reasoning.

Nietzsche: 150 Not Out

John Lippitt reports on the Friedrich Nietzsche Society Conference held in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the philosopher’s birth.

The Shackles of Superstition

Piers Benn thinks religion would still make sense even if God didn’t exist.

Time Stands Still

Jeremy Hueting on the perception of time.

Two Partisans of Wrath

David Limond on philosophies which prefer war to peace.


Letters to the Editor

More about Acorns • Bashing the Symbols • Scarre on Cars Jars • Campaign for Real Philosophers


A Philosophy for Hitler

Roger Caldwell reviews Heidegger’s Crisis – Philosophy and Politics in Nazi Germany by Hans Sluga.

Criminal Law and Decency

Dick Hamilton reviews two books on justice and decency.

Forms of Desire

Dahlian Kirby reviews Forms of Desire, edited by Edward Stein.

God in Us

John Mann reviews God in Us by Anthony Freeman.


Gulliver’s Travels / continued

by Peter Rickman

Thales of Miletus

by Janet Schofield

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