Issue 11

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Issue 11: Winter 1994/95


On Meaning

by Rick Lewis


News: Winter 1994/95


A Footnote On Casuistry

Mike Fuller asks whether applied ethics is possible.

Against Tolerance

Peter J. King says you shouldn’t put up with it.

Big Ears Bites Back!

Jerry Goodenough explains why he isn’t a vegetarian.

Burke, Kant and the Sublime

by Gur Hirshberg

Here I Go, Here I Go, Here I Go!

Martin Tyrrell on Methodological Collectivism and the 1994 World Cup

The Many Faces of Friedrich Nietzsche

Over the last century, the works of this controversial German philosopher have influenced a remarkably diverse collection of people and he has been claimed as a friend by all sorts of movements which have very little else in common. Here is a handy at-a-glance guide to a few of the many faces of Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Physical World is a Fiction

Peter Lloyd casts a sceptical eye over… well, almost everything, really.


Letters to the Editor

Capital Idea • Vegetable Rights • Meaningless Experience? • Naturally Right • Drop the Dead Dogma • The Horsemen Cometh?


Kant Get No Satisfaction

Stuart Hanscomb reviews Philosophy at 331/3rpm by James F. Harris

Becoming Bamboozled

Chris Arthur reviews Robert E. Carter’s Becoming Bamboo: Western and Eastern Explorations of the Meaning of Life.

Life’s Dominion

Nicholas Everitt reviews Ronald Dworkin’s opinions on life and death.

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