Issue 113

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Issue 113: April/May 2016


Keeping It Real

by Rick Lewis


News: April/May 2016

Umberto Eco, novelist and philosopher, dies at 84 • Virtue in Virtual Reality • Universe “full of bubbles” — News reports by Anja Steinbauer


Markus Gabriel

Markus Gabriel one of the founders of New Realism, talks to Anja Steinbauer about why the world does not exist, and other curious metaphysical topics.

Maurizio Ferraris

Manuel Carta talks with Prof. Maurizio Ferraris of the University of Turin, another leading exponent of New Realism.

An Introduction to Introduction to New Realism

Fintan Neylan explains the realism Maurizio Ferraris introduces in his Introduction.

Sarah De Sanctis

Manuel Carta interviews Maurizio Ferraris’s translator into English.


The Use of Embryos

Elizabeth Hemsley considers ethical arguments for and against a new embryo modification procedure.

Socrates & Zen

Geoff Sheehan uses Buddhist parables to illustrate Socratic philosophy.

On Moral Arguments Against Recreational Drug Use

Rob Lovering considers some of the arguments, and what they amount to.

On the Philosophy of Conservatism

Musa al-Gharbi outlines the varieties of conservative stances.

Philosophy & Cocktails

Robin Small will have a Martini – stirred, not shaken.

The Universe Is Made Of Mathematics

Sam Woolfe recounts the mathematical metaphysics of physicist Max Tegmark.

Pierre Hadot (1922-2010)

Thomas Dylan Daniel on what one Frenchman says to anglophone philosophy.

What’s Your Best Advice or Wisdom?

The following responses to this sagacious question each win a random book.



Tastes of Freedom • Animal Autonomy Arguments • In The Light of History • Absurd Disagreements? • Godly Causes and Effects • Killer Logic


Meat is Murder

Peter Adamson contemplates non-violence in ancient Indian thought.

The ‘P’ Word

Raymond Tallis asks, does it matter if philosophy does not make progress?


Anxiety by Jacques Lacan

Peter Caws critiques Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic obscurantism.

Walter Benjamin and the Media by Jaeho Kang

Terri Murray surveys Walter Benjamin’s perspective on the media within cultures.

American Psycho

Matthew Gildersleeve goes to the movies with Jacques Lacan.


Simon & Finn

by Melissa Felder

You Are Here

by Chris Madden



Kimberley Martinez sees through the unreality of reality, disastrously.

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