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Existential Comics

Epicureanism: The Original Party School

A comic by Corey Mohler about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world.

Existential Comics 1
Existential Comics 2

The Epicureans, despite being avowed hedonists and the modern connotations of the word, weren’t really interested in the sort of sensual pleasure that we think of as hedonism. They believed that the most pleasurable life mostly consisted of avoiding pain and unpleasantness by leading a simple, tranquil life free of worries and suffering. The best kinds of pleasures were not excessive ones that could lead to displeasure down the line (such as hangovers), but simple pleasures that fulfill basic desires (hungry, sleep, etc). Likewise you should avoid excess or unnecessary desires such as greed, lust, and domination over others. Their prescribed path might be viewed as boring by many modern and ancient readers: doing gardening, meditating, and avoid politics and conflict. Epicurus said that he could be satisfied with merely water, bread, weak wine and a “pot of cheese.”

© Corey Mohler 2016

Each week, Corey Mohler draws a new Existential Comics strip and posts it at existentialcomics.com.

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