Issue 12

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Issue 12: Spring/Summer 1995


Confessions of an Editor

by Rick Lewis


BIG philosophy!

John Mann conducts an opinion survey in cyberspace.

Emotions: A Defence of Irrationality

Carole Haynes-Curtis on stuffed tigers, pink elephants and Mr. Spock.

For Tolerance

Jonathan Gorman thanks God for the ideal of tolerance.

The Scientist and the Savage

A dialogue by Mike Fuller.

Transcendence, Logic and Identity

by Trevor Curnow

Violent Films: Natural Born Killers?

Matthew Kieran wants the censors to make his day.

Wronging the Ignorant and the Dumb

Tony Skillen on the mistreatment of animals and humans.


Gaarder’s World

Philosophy Now interviews Jostein Gaarder, author of the best-selling history of philosophy, Sophie’s World.


Letters to the Editor

More Things in Heaven and Earth? • Logic Chopping? • Eat More Meat! • Cannibals’ Corner • Collective Indignation • Car Mania


It’s That Man Again

Nietzsche returns! John Lippitt reviews F.A. Lea The Tragic Philosopher: Friedrich Nietzsche (Athlone Press, 1993) and Keith M. May Nietzsche on the Struggle between Knowledge and Wisdom (St. Martin’s Press, 1993).

The Real God: A Response to Anthony Freeman’s God in Us

Gordon Giles reviews Bishop Richard Harries’ reply to the book that got Anthony Freeman sacked from his vicarage.

Undermining the Present?

Bob Fitter reviews Bryan Appleyard’s book Understanding the Present.



A short story by Danny Kodicek.

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