Issue 13

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Issue 13: Autumn 1995


Aristotle’s Children

by Rick Lewis


A Nice Knock-Down Argument

by Peter Williams (after Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’)

Alasdair MacIntyre

Mike Fuller on a modern-day follower of Aristotle.

An Introduction to Aristotle Life

Mark Daniels on his life, ideas and place in the history of Western thought.

Marriage: How the Churches Corrupt

Bob Sharpe on sex, contraception and loving relationships.

Philos-Surfing the Internet

John Mann tells you about zillions of places to find philosophy on the Internet.

Reading the Mind of God

Roger Caldwell asks why we are all here.

The Map of Philosophy

by Mike Fuller


Aristotle, Ethics & Literature

Richard Kearney talks to Martha Nussbaum about her life and work.


Letters to the Editor

Resurrecting the Dogma • Wronging the Ignorant and Dumb • Collective Madness • Systematic Electrons • Emotional Response


Animal Passions

Ralph Blumenau reviews Animals and Why They Matter by Mary Midgley.

Driving the Ghost from the Machine

Alan Brody reviews The Metaphysics of Mind by Anthony Kenny.

Exploring Philosophy

Jerry Goodenough reviews a book for beginners by Brenda Almond.

Love’s Knowledge

Abdelkader Aoudjit reviews a book of essays by Martha Nussbaum.


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Fowl humour: “A Cluckwork Orange”

Poetry Page

Three poems for existentialists by Sue Johnson

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