Issue 14: Winter 1995/96


Traditional Philosophy

by Rick Lewis


News: Winter 1995/96


Blasphemy and the Rushdie Affair

Brendan Larvor has some thoughts on the fifth anniversary of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

Dead Bored: Debord’s Dead!

Andrew Hussey on the death of a turbulent thinker.

Eating People

Jeremy Bojczuk on the ethics of cannibalism.

Lottery or Lootery?

Gordon Giles asks whether the national lottery is immoral.

Morality, responsibility and belief

Grahame Jackson asks whether we are responsible for our beliefs.

Philosophy on the Internet

The anachronism of morality

Innes Crellin attacks the cold logic of English moral philosophy.

The Philosophy of Scientific Revolutions

Anastasios Economou describes how Thomas Kuhn changed the way we think about science.

The Rambler’s Guide to Philosophy

After the highways of Mike Fuller’s The Map of Philosophy, here are some byways you might wish you hadn’t strayed into… By Peter Mottley.

Why alchemists can make gold

Rebecca Bryant on the essence of essentialism.


“Solitaire et Solidaire”: An interview with Catherine Camus

Conducted for Philosophy Now by Russell Wilkinson and Chris Mitchell.


Letters to the Editor

Private Meanings • Bah! Humbug! • Christian Marriage • God’s Mind


Moral Thinking

David McKay reviews Francis Snare’s The Nature of Moral Thinking.

Nietzsche and the Feminists

John Mann reviews Nietzsche, Feminism and Political Theory, edited by Paul Patton.

Science Considered Harmful

Michael Pace reviews Against Method by Paul Feyerabend.


Campsite Ethics

James Leech on the dilemmas of being a campsite philosopher.


by Richard Hendon

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