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The Leviathan

by Boghos Artinian

I, a human being, thrive
On cells, a hundred trillion strong!
They all must strictly obey
Commands in the genetic tongue
That I may comfortably live
And unencumbered behave,
While each cell I ruthlessly hold,
Until the day it dies, a slave!
Yet I fail to understand
That I also must bear the pain,
Someday, of strictly obeying
The alien commands in my brain
That a leviathan may live
And unencumbered behave,
While me he would ruthlessly hold
Until the day I die, a slave!

© Boghos L. Artinian 2020

Boghos Artinian is a graduate of the American University Medical Center (Beirut) MD, in 1968, and MRCP (UK) in 1973. He has published many poems since 1986.

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