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The Global Village

by Boghos Artinian

Entities are fusing and it is too late
to reverse the amalgamation.
Capitalism is prevailing and it is too late
to ban monopolization.
Bugs are rampant and it is too late
to control infection.
Internets are cast and it is too late
to curtail misinformation.
Interdependence is rife and it is too late
to advocate dissociation.
Reality is virtual and it is too late
to attempt solid realization.
Frail folk are reproducing and it is too late
to implement natural selection.

© Boghos L. Artinian 2022

Boghos Artinian is a graduate of the American University Medical Center (Beirut) MD, in 1968, and MRCP (UK) in 1973. He has published many poems since 1986.

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