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Ethics Capsule Reviews

Cheap (under £10) and readable books on ethics.

Moral Philosophy by D.D. Raphael. OUP £7.99 A genuine introduction to moral philosophy assuming no previous knowledge and taking you through all the main theories of the subject in straightforward language. Weak on Continental ethics.

Utilitarianism: For and Against by J.J.C. Smart and Bernard Williams. CUP £9.95 A classic book on utilitarianism. JJ argues for it and Bernie clobbers him. Moderately readable.

Theories of Ethics edited by Philippa Foot. OUP £9.95 An invaluable collection of articles dissecting Hume’s Law, the nature of good and evil and Utilitarianism. From the days when philosophers discussed real problems. Bit tricky for the newcomer.

Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel. CUP £6.95 Readable but original collection of essays by a leading US philosopher, covering topics like death, war, equality and sexual perversity. Also asks what it is like to be a bat. If you want to be a bat, this book is a must.

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