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Socrates & Xanthippe

by Wolfgang Niesielski

Xanthippe, one day, urged her Socrates
almost falling to her knees, to “Please
discontinue, quit, stop and cease
that constant ‘I know nothing’ tease.”

“But I know something and I always will
– that I know nothing, absolutely nil!”
“Yes, and that’s exactly what gives me fits.
How can you not know to pick up groceries for the kids?”

“Oh Xanthippe why is it that you just can’t see
that I’m important and key in philosophy?”
“I’m so impressed and struck with awe,”
she said mockingly: “But I’m also at my last straw!
You don’t know how to pick up milk, meat, and dates,
but you sure know how to drink wine with your mates!”

© Wolfgang Niesielski 2022

Wolfgang Niesielski is an author, humorist, poet, and cartoonist. Originally from Germany, he lives in California.

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