Issue 16

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Issue 16: Autumn 1996


Is There Anybody Out There?

by Rick Lewis


News: Autumn 1996


A Place for Relativism, or: How ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?

Richard Mason ponders the relativity of truth.

Anarchist or Antichrist?: Bakunin on fearing & invoking anarchy

David Limond on a name which once frightened children.

Marriage & Christian Morals

Thomas D’Andrea defends the Catholic view of the philosophy of marriage.

On being a philosopher and a Christian

Bob Harrison is most happy to be both.

Ontology for Beginners

…have some ‘isms’!

Orwell and Philosophy

Martin Tyrrell on a champion of common sense.

Philosophy on the Internet

Practical Solipsism: or how to live in a world of your own

Martin Thomasson on philosophy and design.

The World Well-Found

Some say the world is an illusion. Postmodernists claim it is a culturally-constructed ‘interpretation’. In a groundbreaking rebuttal of these sceptics, Susan Feldman argues that the world is just too irritating not to be real.


Letters to the Editor

Nonexistent Elephants • Anglo-Saxon Attitudes • Science and Prejudice • In a State • What’s a Chair? • Philosophy Now? • Existentialist Penknives


Books for Beginners

Jane O’Grady reviews six introductory tomes.

Ethics and Evolution

Ralph Blumenau reviews The Ethical Primate by Mary Midgley.

Nature’s Imagination

Roger Caldwell on science and truth.

No Hookers in the Sky for Dennett

Les Reid reviews Darwin’s Dangerous Idea by Daniel C. Dennett.



by Richard Hendin


A short story by Danny Kodicek.

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