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by Richard Hendin

In the beginning was the Word: maybe
the whole world is just God talking to himself
about stones, plants, animals, bumble bees,
and other aspects of his mental health.

God said: sky, sea, land, continental shelf.
So far so good: but what if God began
to whisper to himself about himself?
perhaps in this way he created man.

If this is the case then it seems we’ve found
the perfect metaphysical theory:
biblically correct, politically sound,
with room in the world for you and me.

But is the mind of God known to itself?
A question beyond the wit of man, so
I ask it again: Could God introspect himself?
Uh oh

Now there’s a problem we can’t avoid,
which is this: when God first from nothing sent
the Word out into the absolute void,
how on earth did he know what it meant?

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