Issue 19

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Issue 19: Winter 1997/98


Does Philosophy Cause Nihilism?

by Rick Lewis


News: Winter 1997/98


Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz?

Martin Tyrrell on lotteries, religion and Pascal’s Wager.

Pleasure Now

Dane Gordon on a forgotten philosopher who practiced what he preached.

Resolving Hempel’s Raven Paradox

Fred Leavitt reveals how the whiteness of swans proves the blackness of ravens.

Socrates Revisited: The Jurors Speak

Steven Goldberg reveals the musings of those who condemned Socrates to drink his Hemlock.

Symbolism, Meaning & Nihilism in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction

Mark Conard reveals the metaphysical truths lurking under the rug in Tarantino’s cult classic.

What is the Philosophy of Mathematics?

Stephen Ferguson asks whether mathematical objects are real.


Isaiah Berlin


Letters to the Editor

Death & Detachment • Is That The Time? • The Mysterious East • The Long Arm of the Law • Things that Think • God and Reason


Confessions of a Philosopher

Ralph Blumenau reviews Bryan Magee’s philosophical autobiography.

In the Shadow of Hegel

Colin Harper reviews Adorno’s essays on the Master.

The Moral Case Against Religious Belief

Marilyn Kane reviews The Moral Case Against Religious Belief by R.A. Sharpe.


The Day of the Bluebottle

Kevin Brooks confesses to insecticide.

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