Issue 24

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Issue 24: Summer 1999


What’s It All About?

by Rick Lewis


News: Summer 1999

Princeton welcomes Peter Singer • Wittgenstein in burglary shock • Philosopher wages war • Doctors want your body — News Editor: Derrick Farnham


Can a Life of Child-rearing Be Meaningful?

Sarah Conly on devoting one’s life to another.

In Praise of the Meaningless Life

Bob Sharpe asks if you can have value without meaning (to).

Meaning and Purpose

J.J.C. Smart investigates the meaning of purpose.

The Frame of Meaning

Dominic Kirkham exhorts us to find meaning in the present moment.

The Meaning of Life (I)

Antony Flew on Tolstoy’s obsession.

The Meaning of Life (II)

Roger Ames on a Chinese approach.

The Meaning of Life (III)

Richard Taylor says that lives are meaningful only if they are creative.

What’s the meaning of all this?

Brenda Almond on the pursuit of wisdom.


Søren Kierkegaard

Jeff Mason on Kierkegaard’s three forms of life: the ethical, the aesthetic and the religious.

The Epicurean Option

Dane Gordon on the friends of Epicurus.

What’s New in… Aesthetics

Kai Hammermeister on the beauty business.

Hans-Georg Gadamer

by Kai Hammermeister


Philosophy where? Win a book in our competition!!!

Andrew Dodsworth asks a few questions about who wrote what.


Absolute Compassion

The BBC’s chief inquisitor Jeremy Paxman interviews the Dalai Lama.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

Daniel Hill cross-examines Peter van Inwagen, God’s barrister.



Twins • Foundations of Islam • Designer Gods • Designer Christianity • An Omnipotent Being • Relative Impossibility • More on God


Peg’s Piece

Philosophy Now’s own columnist Peg Tittle considers the nature of violence.


How are we to Live? by Peter Singer

Michael Williams describes Peter Singer’s attempt to take the point of view of the universe.

The Meaning of Life compiled by John Gabay

Tim LeBon browses an anthology on The Meaning of Life.


A Sceptical Tea Party

A short story by Peter Williams, perhaps?

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