Issue 3

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Issue 3: Summer 1992


The Editor’s Bit

by Rick Lewis


Aesthetics and Absolutes

Ralph Blumenau criticizes critics of criticism.

Determinism and Human Experience

by Anthony Winder

Narrowing the Divide

by Antony Flew

On Being Politically Incorrect

Piers Benn makes some deeply suspect observations.

On Vision

by Peter Lorden

Philosophers Come to the Surface

by J.L.H. Thomas

Philosophy in Britain

The Philosopher as Spy

Agent Peter Rickman reports back.

The Science of Archaeology

by Ken Dark

The State of Philosophy in the USSR

by V.B. Shneider and R.N. Holstinin

Which Beings Should Be Given Rights?

Peter Lloyd asks whether embryos can be hurt.


Letters to the Editor

Feather-free • Altruism? • Philosophy When? • Descartes’ Monads • A Cry for Help


The Nature of Mind

A review by Tim Chappell.

The Truth Vibrations

A review by Mike Fuller.


Football: From Logos to Telos

Can there be free kicks without free will? Or is there no such thing as a free kick? These are two questions about the philosophy of football not investigated here. Andrew Belsey.


by Nick Colton

Poetry Competition Results

Let a thousand flowers blossom” –Chairman Mao

Zeno refuted

by Andrew Belsey

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