Issue 44

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Issue 44: January/February 2004


We’ve Got Issues!

by Rick Lewis


News: January/February 2004

Cloning Clampdown • Sex Selection Ban • Sell Your Own Liver! • Iris Murdoch’s library for sale • Robot Gets Emotional — News reports by Sue Roberts in London and Lisa Sangoi in New York


Carbon Copies

Neill Furr examines the various arguments against human cloning and finds them all flawed. He says we should proceed with caution, but doesn’t think cloning should be banned.

Darwin’s Rottweiler & the Public Understanding of Science

Peter Williams claims that Richard Dawkins is a good writer but a poor logician, and attempts to prove it with examples of some formal fallacies.

Pax Americana

David Gamez thinks we need to revise the theory of Just Wars to say when it is and when it isn’t permissible to impose utopia by force.

Shock the Monkey

Confessions of a Rational Animal Liberationist by Jeremy Yunt.


Did the World Have a Beginning?

Mark Goldblatt on a medieval debate with modern echoes.

Richard Taylor Remembered

One of the most colourful and engaging of modern philosophers (and of Philosophy Now contributors) is recalled by Robert Holmes, Barry Gan and Tim Madigan.

Sartre & Peanuts

Nathan Radke claims that Charlie Brown is an existentialist.

The Gymnasiums of the Mind

Christopher Orlet wanders down literary paths merrily swinging his arms and pondering the happy connection between philosophy and a good brisk walk.

Zombies Can’t Concentrate

Mary Midgley explains why she doesn’t believe in zombies.


Edward Said (1935-2003)

by Anat Biletzki

Richard Wollheim (1923-2003)

by Lisa Sangoi



Materialism For… • …and Against • The Real Richard Rorty? • A Phenomenally Pragmatic Point • Death Penalty • Earth: Mostly Harmless? • What about AIDS, eh? • Join the Professionals? • Philosophy & Divination • Minds versus Brains! • The Philosopher as Choreographer


Dear Socrates

Having returned from the turn of the Fourth Century B.C. to the turn of the Twenty-First A.D., Socrates has eagerly signed on as a Philosophy Now columnist so that he may continue to carry out his divinely-inspired dialogic mission.

A Funny Thing About Consciousness

by Joel Marks

What is Philosophy of Science Good For?

The first of occasional columns on science and philosophy by Massimo Pigliucci.


Art and Knowledge by James O. Young

Bob Sharpe takes issue with James Young’s theory about art.

On Beauty and Being Just by Elaine Scarry

Peter Benson applauds a beautiful book on beauty by Elaine Scarry.

The Power of Ideas by Isaiah Berlin

Antony Flew devours a vastly varied collection of essays by the late Isaiah Berlin.


Ellen Klein reviews a poignant and thoughtful film from her adopted home town of Sarajevo – Remake.


Planck’s Angels

by Kane S. Latranz

The Contributions of Jeopardy! to Western Philosophy

Ronald Lindsay on a novel, if slightly desperate, way of funding philosophical research.

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