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Cogito Ergo Sum

Juke James thinks himself into a poem.

In the midst of the cauldron
Of passionate philosophical argument, about faith and fact
There boils a quintessential display
Of what it really means to be human;
Of a being of conscience, intelligence and beauty
Of language, culture, character and definition
Who constructs and calculates, conceives of and believes
Cogito Ergo Sum.

And there in the midst of this cauldron
Of dialectics, semantics, ego and conviction
The empirical and irrational, the theories and imaginary
The need for identity, recognition and attention
There is an existential desire, for veracity and meaning
A need to truly understand, make sense of existence
The phenomenon of self, being, and humanity
Cogito Ergo Sum.

(Dedicated to Claudio & Davide)

© Juke James, Esq, 2008

Juke James is a poet living in North West England. He has two poetry anthologies. Email: seekerpublications@yahoo.com.sg.

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