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Somewhere, Something

by Shanta Acharya

We travel not to explore another country
but to return home fresh, bearing gifts.

Our lives the airports we fly from,
our bodies and souls, maps and compasses,
days the journeys we make,
past the continents we leave behind.

Surely there is somewhere, something
that justifies our coming and going?

Isn’t that why we seek a sign from each other
of experiences worth dying for
as we commune with love under starlight
brittle with frost and the sharp taste of blood?

Let’s fly free, not nailed to a mast;
see the universe with new eyes,
not blinded by the shadows that light casts.

Shanta Acharya is a poet and an asset management consultant. She is the author of nine books, her latest collection of poems being Dreams That Spell The Light (Arc Publications, 2010). Please visit her website shantaacharya.com.

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