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Parallel Mirrors

by Armando Halpern

The world, as we see it,
is a mirror of the mind,
at which the mind glares, trying
to look back at itself,
but always falling, lost
in its Narcissus stare.

The mind, as it is,
is a mirror of the world,
and when the world moves
a strong godlike right arm,
a bantam left hand points down
at the dark back of the mind.

I stare at you often,
as if you were my world,
wanting you to stare back at me
with a deliberation
and a mischevious intensity
that undresses all will and thoughts.

Will I dare return it?
Or was I the one who started?
If I am a reflex
let me be aware of it,
so that your gaze on my face
finds a mirror with a purpose.

© Armando Halpern 2010

Armando Halpern has a degree in Philosophy and has published a novel and a collection of short-stories in Portuguese as well as books on software development. He was born in Lisbon but now lives in the UK. Please visit armandohalpern.blogspot.com.

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