Issue 81

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Issue 81: October/November 2010


Beyond Physics

by Rick Lewis


News: October/November 2010

Philippa Foot dies at 90 • French journal of analytic philosophy • Witch report • Tehran conference protests — News reports by Sue Roberts


Could Two People Inhabit One Body?

Nicola Webber asks you (and you).

Epiphenomenalism Explained

Norman Bacrac lets his brain do all the thinking.

Mathematical Knowledge: A Dilemma

Rui Vieira thinks of a number.

Parsimony (In as few words as possible)

Toni Vogel Carey wonders whether nature loves simplicity.

The Simulated Self

Justin Holme represents his self to you.

Why Buridan’s Ass Doesn’t Starve

Does free will exist? Michael Hauskeller reasons about reasons.


A Plea For (The Philosophy of) Leisure

Alex Sager thinks deeply about what to do with his free time.

An Amoral Manifesto (Part II)

Our longtime Moral Moments columnist Joel Marks concludes his special column explaining why he’s abandoning morality.

Ethics Made Easy: ‘Feel Good, Do The Right Thing’

Roy Turner thinks about being good.

How To Be A Philosopher

Ian Ravenscroft philosophizes about philosophizing.

What is Disjunctivism?

Adrian Haddock tells us about one of the most talked-about new approaches in philosophy today.

What Is Love?

The following answers to this crucial question each win a signed copy of Mark Vernon’s new book, The Meaning of Friendship.


Philippa Foot (1920-2010)

Lawrence Solum on one of the greats of moral philosophy.



Our thirty-fifth scintillating square of sophisticated semiotics sequenced snazzily by Deiradiotes.



Act Cool • Amoral Letters • The Matter In Mind • Personal Impermanence • Legal Wrangle • Paradoxical Kant • History & Truth • Tallis? Bah! • Incalculable Computers • Everlasting Debate


The Paradoxes of Arthur Balfour

Tim Madigan on a Philosopher-Prime Minister.

Time, Tense & Physics

Raymond Tallis on the ‘Theory of Everything But…’


The Case For God by Karen Armstrong

John Loftus tells us what various fundamentalists get wrong.

What Darwin Got Wrong by Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini

Massimo Pigliucci tells us what Darwin got right.


Grant Bartley finds time to watch them.

The Question

Sue Rolfe shares her feelings about a theatre installation.


The Three Holograms

Nicholas Palisade finds the whole truth visible in a small cell.

Parallel Mirrors

by Armando Halpern

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