Issue 83

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Issue 83: March/April 2011


More Mr Nice Guy

by Rick Lewis


News: March/April 2011

Hume’s birthday parties • P4C pioneer Matthew Lipman dies • Philosophy Now launches Kindle edition — News reports by Sue Roberts


David Hume at 300

Howard Darmstadter looks at the life and legacy of the incendiary tercentenarian.

Hume on Is and Ought

Charles Pigden considers Hume’s famous claim that you can’t deduce an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’.

Hume’s Image Problem

Marc Bobro scrutinizes how Hume thinks about thought.

Hume’s Miracles

Paul Warwick considers Hume’s argument against testimony concerning miracles.

Hume, HobNobs and Metaphysics

Sally Latham shows how Hume’s views on causality really take the biscuit.


Between Meanings

Grant Bartley investigates what psychoanalysis has to say about the relationship between mind and brain, and finds the importance of distinguishing our concepts.

Capitalism & Human Values

Frank S. Robinson stands up for the free market.

Censorship & Rebellion

A recent international philosophy conference in Istanbul was unusual in being entirely for high school students. Four British students report on a cross-cultural meeting of young minds debating very topical matters.

Our Morality: A Defense of Moral Objectivism

After our recent ‘Death of Morality’ issue, Mitchell Silver replies to the amoralists.



Our thirty-seventh feast of the factually fantastic, fitted foresquare by Deiradiotes.



The Moral Backlash • Epiphenomenalism Explained Away • Public Meditations • Theory of Evolution Is Not Science • Kant Misrepresented • Being Described • Crossword Puzzle


The Heart Has Its Reasons: An emotional tribute to Robert C. Solomon

by Joel Marks

David et Jean-Jacques

Tim Madigan describes the original odd couple.

The Soup and The Scaffolding

Raymond Tallis finds some scaffolding in his soup.


Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography by Julian Young

Eva Cybulska is in two minds over a new Nietzsche biography.

Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? by Michael Sandel

Phil Badger is out for Justice.

Forrest Gump

Terri Murray reviews a classic satire.


The Man Whose Face Disappeared

What is it like to lose your identity? Find out in this eldritch parable by David Carr.

Einstein’s Cosmic Hangover

by Roger Caldwell

Wittgenstein Without Tears

This 29th April is the 60th anniversary of Wittgenstein’s death. Neven Sesardic humorously celebrates his life.

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